Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

been awhile since last post

I know, I know.  It's been awhile since my last post.  Things have just been very busy for the last few weeks and I haven't had the time to update this blog. 

Status on the garden

So far, we have picked over 25lbs of squash, 30lbs of cucumbers, 3 eggplant and a bucket of hot peppers.  We have canned 10 pints of dill pickles and 9 pints of bread & butter pickles.  3 pints of hot pepper sauce, 2 pints of pepper relish (it is very good and perfect on pinto beans and cornbread).  We have made around 12 pints of salsa.

The wife brought home some great figs the other day from her mother's fig trees so I whipped up a couple pints of fig preserves.  Delicious.

The squash and cucumber plants have played out and I will be pulling them out of the bed this weekend.  I'll probably pull out the okra and eggplant too.  They just didn't do very well and were probably too crowded in the raised bed.

The tomatoes are doing well and have finally started to turn red.  We picked about 20 tomatoes and the same number of Juliet plum like tomatoes.  We also picked a few of the green ones to make Fried Green Maters, holy moly. 

It's almost time to start planting the turnip greens and I may try to plant some collards too.  I've never planted collards before so we shall see how they do.  I also want to plant some garlic this fall because I hear it is supposed to be planted in the fall for a spring harvest.  I'll have to research that "fact" first. 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Canning for Dummies!

So, this past weekend the wife and I were anxious to do some canning but since the tomatoes haven't turned yet we had to resort to visiting Harry's Farmers Market in Atlanta to get enough ingredients for the canning project. 

My wife has a great recipe for homemade salsa so we bought about 12lbs. of Roma tomatoes and hot peppers and miscellaneous other stuff for the salsa.  After it was all finished we had 17 pints of homemade salsa.  Yummmmmmy

I wanted to also put up some dill pickles so we also picked up some cukes that are for making pickles while we were at Harry's.  We ended up with 8 pints of dill pickle spears and chips.  We haven't tried any yet but I expect one jar to get cracked open this weekend during our cookout.