Thursday, April 28, 2011

So much to do this weekend

This weekend has a lot to offer me and the wife but I'm afraid we won't get much done.  I HAVE to get those Arbor Day trees repotted this weekend.  I have to get some bulk soil for my raised vegetable beds.  I have to eat lunch with my wife's mom.  I have to do so much this weekend!!! 

Hold on....just chill out for a minute.  It shouldn't be that bad.  I just have to plan everything that needs to be done and just do it. 

First off, get some 1 gallon pots for the trees.  This is an easy one.  I can stop by the garden center at Home Depot on the way home tomorrow.  I should be able to find some cheap pots that will do the job.  I tried searching the Home Depot website for some cheap pots but it looks like they only put the expensive pots on the website.  Makes sense I guess.  I would like to find a landscape company though to befriend because I bet I can get some cheap (free) pots from them after they do a job.  That's a pretty good idea actually.

Second, I have to find some time on Saturday to locate the raised beds I built last weekend on the property.  This isn't as easy as it sounds though.  I have to dig out the side of this hill where I planned to place them so the raised beds are level.  That will take a few hours at least.  Once I get them placed I have to make a run to the local landscape business to get some bulk soil loaded up in the truck. 

Well, wish me luck on my long (actually short in duration) weekend.  Take care.

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