Monday, May 2, 2011

Vegetable beds finished

The 2 vegetable raised beds are now ready for planting.  My wife and I spent the better part of Sunday finishing them up and unloading the rich soil from the local landscape supply business down the road.  It took 2 heaping scoops of soil to fill the beds even though one of the beds already had some of the dirt from a previous bed that was in this location.  We used some of the soil that was left to fill in some tire tracks in the front yard so it should be a little less bumpy when I cut the grass. 

The photos are below of the before and after for the beds.  Basically, if anyone wants to know, a 4x8x6" raised bed like the ones I built will need about .59 cubic YARDS of soil to fill them up.  I picked up a little more than that because of the second bed that needed about half that amount to finish filling it up. 

The next set of photos shows the results of our labor.  Now all we have to do is get some plants to put in them.  I will post a separate entry once I decide which plants we will put in the beds as well as how to build a cheap and reusable tomato cage.

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