Monday, June 6, 2011

Progress Report

It was a hot weekend but as you can see my vegetables are doing just great.  Of course, I water them daily just enough to keep them upright and it seems to be paying off.  My cucumbers are doing great and they have a bunch of little cukes growing on them.  As you can see below they are climbing the wire fencing I put up for them and seem to be enjoying the extra height to tower over my okra and peppers.  

Below is one of my watermelon plants.  They are also doing great and the kids are looking forward to picking their first watermelon already.  They aren't that far along yet so the kiddos will have to wait a little longer.
I thought I would throw in one of the last roses of the season just for fun.  There are only a couple that are still hanging on. 
 Just a shot of one of the tomato plants and the blooms that are setting up.  I was reading this weekend in one of my old gardening books that I should apply some blossom set (not sure where to get it) to help the plant turn each blossom into a tomato but I'm not too sure if that is really necessary. 

 The wife is waiting patiently for her first Ichiban eggplant and now that there is at least one blossom on the plant she is getting very excited about watching it grow into an eggplant.  I'm not so interested in eggplant so I will reserve my judgement for whatever it is she makes with it. 
 The okra  is doing well in between the peppers and cukes.  I only planted 3 plants but some of them had 2 or 3 actual plants in each pot.  We shall see if they produce enough okra to keep us happy.  Fried okra is super good and we can't wait for some fried food to thoroughly clog our arteries.  :)
 This is one of the cayenne pepper plants.  We have 3 types of hot peppers (cayenne, tabasco, and jalepeno) and are looking forward to making some hot pepper relish and pepper sauce (nothing but hot vinegar, pinch of sugar, and a jar full of hot peppers) to spritzle (is that even a word) over our collard greens this fall.

 We have about 20 straightneck squash forming up and hope to pick a couple tonight to go with dinner. 

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