Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Squash Squash and more Squash

The squash harvest is neverending it appears.  It seems like I have to pick a couple every day and there is no end in sight.  I can't say that it's something I expected to be different this season because the whole purpose of a squash plant is to produce and produce until the gardener stops watering it so it will finally die.  The other option is to just leave the squash on the plant and let it grow to gargantuan proportions. 

We still haven't seen any peppers yet but I can see that the fruit is starting to form now that the blooms have dropped off.  Hopefully we will get enough to make some pepper sauce and if we are lucky, I will be able to dry some of them to make my own hot pepper flakes. 

The tomatoes are now forming fruit and we are anxious to have some garden fresh tomatoes soon.  It just seems like they are taking forever to bear fruit.  Come on tomatoes, get with the program. 

We are also getting some nice cucumbers and my wife is enjoying them almost daily now.  She's very excited to see a couple fresh cukes in the fridge when she gets home from work.  Other than that, we are in waiting mode. 

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