Monday, May 23, 2011

1st tomato

So it looks like I have my first tomato of the season.  Blooms are starting to appear on my tomato plants and after some debate I decided to put out some additional plants in the open space between my peppers and cukes.  I picked up some nice okra plants and an eggplant for the wife.  She loves eggplants but I just haven't found a taste for them yet.  If we get a couple this season maybe I will give it another try. 

I also picked up a couple watermelon plants that I'll post pictures of a little later.

Below are some of the pepper plants (mainly cayenne peppers, top of pic), the new okra plants (middle row, there are 3 total plants, one is not shown), the eggplant is in lower left and one of the cucumber plants bottom right.  I still have to put together some type of climbing net for the cucumbers.

The straightneck yellow squash has doubled in size since I planted them about 2 weeks ago.  Looks like we will get a bumper crop this year.  What shall we do with so much squash???


  1. Egg plants are only good when they are fried!

  2. I like eggplants dipped in panko bread crumbs and fried...